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2023, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

Stabilization of soil using geotextile

Author(s): Himanshu Vimal, Nandini Kaushik and Devesh Jaysawal

Abstract: Engineering projects frequently use soil stabilization to boost soil strength and save building costs. Due to their many advantages over traditional stabilization methods, geotextiles, a type of geosynthetic material, have gained prominence during the past ten years. Geotextiles are permeable, flat sheets constructed of polypropylene or polyester resin with yarns that have been knitted, needle-punched, woven, thermally or chemically bonded, or combined all of these techniques. They can be created using materials that are readily available in the area, are inexpensive, and are easy to install. They are a great solution for big-scale construction projects like paving because they don't need highly skilled workers and their quality can be readily managed.Through a partial interaction between the soil and the geotextile material, the process of improving the soil with geotextile increases its stiffness and load-carrying ability. This enables the pavement system to have a lower overall thickness while extending its lifespan and lowering maintenance expenses. An important benefit of using geotextiles for soil stabilization is that it eliminates the requirement for expensive earth resources to be extracted from rented pits. Instead, the first earth elements found on the construction site can be used to pave roads, cutting down on construction expenses and the project's impact on the environment. Geotextiles are also good at keeping base layers and subgrade particles from blending together. When there isn't a geotextile at the subgrade/base course interface, the subgrade contaminates the aggregate. Particles, which reduces the overall durability of the pavement system. When subjected to dynamic loadings, geotextile-reinforced soils outperform conventional soil, making them suitable for use in pavements for roads and airports.Using geotextiles for soil stabilization is a cost-effective and sustainable approach to pavement construction. It offers several benefits over traditional soil stabilization methods and can aid in reducing construction costs, increasing service life, and minimizing the environmental impact of construction projects.

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Himanshu Vimal, Nandini Kaushik, Devesh Jaysawal. Stabilization of soil using geotextile. Int J Res Civ Eng Technol 2023;4(1):24-29.
International Journal of Research in Civil Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Research in Civil Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Research in Civil Engineering and Technology
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