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International Journal of Research in Civil Engineering and Technology

2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Working and the component of solar power tree

Author(s): Dahmmaet Dhuchakallaya and Sukanya Mungkalasiri

Abstract: Demand for energy is accretive day by day; to action the required postulation we must have to prototype on utilizing non-conventional system of energy. Solar forcefulness is the best unconventional among the inexhaustible energy sources. Solar energy is inexhaustible, pollution free, constant and eco-friendly. It is the only communicator available in autonomous of price and in scarcity. There are several methods of utilizing the star energy. Same can use solar panel in diverse ways, places and types. Conversion of solar energy into electric power is one of the well accepted and matured playing. In addressing the trouble related to the PV applied science, the solar tree is practiced. Solar tree definite quantity same less space for efficient energy human activity. One can also use “Voluted phyllataxy” for the transmutation of inefficiency of the solar tree. It is healthier than traditional solar system, so this will be best option and should be unenforced. In this article an attempt is made to overlook the constituents of the solar tree along with its organization, working and its requirements and also we are highlighting the benefits of solar tree and rising the awareness about the use of solar tree. This technique is largely adopted in Habitant administrative division and is now recently adopted in India. The material gives an opinion about new solar technology, which emulates how trees convert sunlight into energy and also gives an idea about the star panels installation on the abolitionist theme to a pole and design in creating from raw materials a solar panel raiment. In this essay we had tried to summarize the past and the contemporary problem solving in the battlefield of the solar tree discipline.

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